In conversation with Erma Ranieri, South Australia's Commissioner for Public Sector Employment Ep5

July 06, 2018
The People & Culture Podcast is a series of in-depth discussions with practitioners and leading experts on emergent trends impacting on the shape of the future workforce. In this episode I am joined by Erma Ranieri, South Australia's Commissioner for Public Sector Employment. I ask her about the role of the Commissioner in a state where the government is the largest employer. We explore what a connected, modern public sector workforce looks like, how it might posi...
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Dr Tim Baker on trends in consulting, coaching and performance reviews Ep4

June 27, 2018
In this episode I am joined by Dr Tim Baker, an organisational psychologist who has written numerous books and worked globally across 21 industries as a consultant, coach, keynote speaker, lecturer and master trainer. We discuss his history of working with leaders in organisations for almost two decades and whether he has noticed changes over time in relation to modes of delivery, types of support requested and what people are looking for in terms of value for money. He also comments...
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Code of Conduct, Bullying and Performance Management with Gabrielle Sullivan Ep3

May 29, 2018
"I do see some spectacularly unfair decisions being made," says Gabrielle Sullivan, director of employment and industrial law at Bradley Allen Love lawyers. "There is a profound reluctance once they’ve committed to a course, to change that course even when it’s patently clear that that should happen."
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In conversation with Peter McIntyre, CEO Engineers Australia Ep2

May 23, 2018
There has been a noticeable increase in people with engineering qualification working across government, but not all these people are engaged as engineers. In conversation with Peter, we examine these trends and discuss the transferable skills that people with engineering qualifications bring to leadership positions.
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Navigating cross-cultural communication Ep1

May 02, 2018
Tamerlaine Beasley is the Managing Director of Beasley Intercultural, a company that has provided cross-cultural training and advisory services for over 20 years. Tamerlaine has worked with business, government and international agencies and in this episode I get her insights on how to navigate cross-cultural communication issues.
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